• Everyone Deserves The Dignity of a Well Furnished Home

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We Are A Prosocial Business With A Mission

First Quality Clean Furnishings Delivered Into Your Home 80%-90% Less Than New, No Interest Financing If Needed.

A Note From Co-Founder Robert B Hutchinson

Having been a builder for over twenty years I have realized the value of surroundings to a persons health and well-being. I believe that anyone who is working hard through their trauma and/or difficult life situation deserves the benefits of good quality home furnishings just as much as those who can afford to purchase new. We all rise and fall to the level of our surroundings and something as simple as how one's home is furnished can have a large impact on our mood, thoughts of self, and overall success. We do everything possible to help our clients succeed including pricing affordably, available no credit check no interest payment plans, thoroughly steam cleaning, and delivering into their home. We seek to relieve the burden of being gauged by buy here pay here businesses or taking what is available at thrift and figuring out and paying for transportation cleaning and repair all of which hinder success. It is our goal to deliver a home full of clean and unblemished name brand quality furniture to every re-homing person and family in the greater Portland area and for them to feel the success of earning and enjoying their environment.